Saturday, March 1, 2008

what happened to agloco?

So what happened to agloco anyways? Does anyone know? The last thing that I saw was an email saying that if you were still interested, then please email "******"

Has anyone looked into it?

Any ways, although I'm too late on trying to utilize the keywords to help me get traffic, I thought that I would go head and try to do so.

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Wow, I'm totally utterly amazed at how I kept getting quite a few visitors to this blog that died back in July of 2007 along with the belief that Agloco was on it's way down too!

I wanted to mention that I have started a new focus about real people getting paid by the internet. is not even 1 month old yet, but I have already been writing some posts about getting paid by the internet and I have already had someone submit how they are paid by the internet.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Agloco View Bar Downloaded

As you can see it's been a couple of months now since I've posted anything about Agloco because nothing much was happening. Everyone had been waiting forever to get this thing going. I was even reading a lot of negative crap about people giving up on Agloco and even removing their viewbars from their computers.

I have not given up on agloco because I think it is a brilliant concept that could go a long way. No doubt no one will probably see any money within the first three months simply because they need to do much adjusting and make sure they pay all their expenses first before paying out anyone.

There has also been much talk about how much everyone is going to make. To answer that one, I am going to send you to the company blog that did a post about how everything was going now that the viewbar has been downloaded. The posting that explains how much everyone is going to make was posted on June 27th. They basically post the worst case scenario along with the best case scenario. Any how, you can read about it here:

Good luck everyone and hopefully future posts will be about how much money we have made!

Join Agloco:

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Agloco View Bar Video on computer

John Chow who has 15,000 Agloco referrals last time I checked was given a chance by Agloco to try out the viewbar.

The only hold up with the company going forward is integrating the ad software into the viewbar software. Hopefully like John, we will get to have this thing on our computers soon!

Sign up:

Monday, May 7, 2007

Agloco Viewbar

This is a screen shot of what the agloco viewbar will look like when available to download on your computer.

The only hold up from downloading again is integrating the ads with the software.

Once that happens, the viewbar should be available to agloco owners at a rate of 50,000 a day until it's gotten out to everyone.

John Chow, his link is on the side, has over 14,000 in his Agloco group! Just think if he only made $1 a month off of each of his members!

I must also mention that it will realistically take two to three months before any payout is available to anyone because the company is thinking smartly by paying expenses first. As anxious as everyone is to get this thing going, I applaude the fact that they are going to take care of their business first to stay healthy and then give us the left overs. Hey, what did we pay to join this again? Oh yeah - zippo.

The day is getting closer sign up now:

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Agloco Downline Builder

I discovered this great site that is helpful in building your Agloco downline!

There are many tools once you sign up to help you build traffic. I signed up 2 weeks ago and have over 200 in my downline as a free member!

For more information check it out: AGLOCO DOWNLINE BUILDER

Have fun and keep building your Agloco downline!

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Getting more Agloco referrals is what we want to do in order to build a team to earn more money while simply surfing online.

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There are also many other traffic exchange programs out there, but I really like TRAFFIC SWARM and there is so many ways to build traffic and money with the AGLOCO DOWNLINE BUILDER that it will keep you more than busy but you will love the results.

If you are looking to get referrals offline then what suggest if you are able to do so is to make some door hangers and walk the neighborhoods and simply hang up door flyers. Of course respect those that say do not solicit on their homes.

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